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Queen Cleopatra Web Series (2023) Wiki:

Queen Cleopatra is a Documentary  film directed by Tina Gharavi  The Web Series casts Jada Pinkett Smith , Adele James , Craig Russell in the main lead roles. 
Here You Can Find Queen Cleopatra Wiki, Cast, Roles, Crew, Budget, Collections, Release Date, Story, Review & Rating

Queen Cleopatra Star Cast & Crew:

Question: Who is actors in Queen Cleopatra ?

Answer : Lead Hero & Heroine Name & Star Cast is Jada Pinkett Smith , Adele James , Craig Russell

Film Poster:

queen cleopatra netflix web series cast crew

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Web Series Name Queen Cleopatra
Genre  Documentary
Theatrical Release Date March 10, 2023 (Netflix)
Director Tina Gharavi
Starring & Cast Jada Pinkett Smith , Adele James , Craig Russell
Language English
Imdb Rating 1.2/5
Film Industry Hollywood
Seasons Season 1 (Episodes 4)
Total Collections   

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Queen Cleopatra Web Series Critic Review, Rating:

Queen Cleopatra is /5

Queen Cleopatra Web Series Story Or Plot:

 Netflix docudrama about Queen Cleopatra of Egypt of the Ptolemaic lineage from Macedonia, Greece, that ruled for 21 years, between the years 51 BC and 30 BC, ending with her suicide.

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Queen Cleopatra is one of the most famous women ever in history and has become a cultural icon. But over time the ancient Egyptian ruler has been hugely misunderstood and misrepresented and she has become more well-known for her relationships with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony than for her fierce intellect and strategic genius.

Now, Jada Pinkett Smith is determined to right that wrong and has produced and narrated a Netflix docu-drama that attempts to uncover the truth about the powerful Queen.

Starring Casualty‘s Adele James as Cleopatra, John Partridge as Julius Caesar, Craig Russell as Marc Antony and Michael Greco as Cleopatra’s brother Pothinus, and using the testimonies of real-life experts and historians, the educational series documents the Queen’s rise and fall.

“We don’t often get to see or hear stories about Black queens, and that was really important for me, as well as for my daughter, and just for my community to be able to know those stories because there are tons of them!” says Jada, wife of Hollywood actor Will Smith. “Cleopatra is a queen who many know about, but not in her truth. She’s been displayed as overtly sexual, excessive, and corrupt, yet she was a strategist, an intellect, a commanding force of nature, who fought to protect her kingdom and her heritage is highly debated. This season will dive deeper into her history and re-assesses this fascinating part of her story.”

So here’s everything you need to know about the Netflix series Queen Cleopatra

Queen Cleopatra takes us back to Ancient Egypt.

Queen Cleopatra takes us back to Ancient Egypt. (Image credit: Netflix)

Queen Cleopatra release date

Queen Cleopatra is a four-part series that launches worldwide on Netflix from Wednesday May 10 2023. Each episode is 45 minutes long.

Is there a Queen Cleopatra trailer?

Yes there’s a Queen Cleopatra trailer and it looks gripping. The trailer shows a dramatised version of Cleopatra’s life interspersed with insight from real-life historians. We hear Jada Pinkett Smith saying: “There was a time long ago when women ruled with unparalleled power as warriors, queens and mothers of nations and there were none more iconic than Cleopatra.” Then Adele James as Cleopatra asks, “I would die for Egypt. What would you die for?”

It looks like the series is going to be high drama, and we can’t wait! You can watch the trailer below…

Queen Cleopatra plot

Series Cast  

Jada Pinkett Smith Jada Pinkett Smith  Narrator
Adele James Adele James  Cleopatra
Craig Russell Craig Russell  Mark Anthony
John Partridge John Partridge  Julius Caesar
Andira Crichlow Andira Crichlow  Arsinoe
Kaysha Woollery Kaysha Woollery  Charmian
Laya Lewis Laya Lewis  Eiras
Calum Balmforth Calum Balmforth  Ptolemy XII4 
Louis Emerick Louis Emerick  Ptolemy Auletes
Philip Walker Philip Walker  Pasharenptah
Michael Greco Michael Greco  Pothinus
Greg Lockett Greg Lockett  Ammonios
James Marlowe James Marlowe  Octavian
Simon Kunz Simon Kunz  Cicero
James O'Driscoll James O’Driscoll  Thyrsus
Shelley Haley Shelley Haley  Self – Classics Professor, Hamilton 
Debora Heard Debora Heard  Self – PhD Candidate, Nubian Archaeology and Egyptian Studies
Islam Issa Islam Issa  Self – Author ‘Alexandria: The City That Changed The World’
Colleen Darnell Colleen Darnell  Self – Egyptologist
Sally-Ann Ashton Sally-Ann Ashton  Self – Author, ‘Cleopatra and Egypt’
Jacquelyn Williamson Jacquelyn Williamson  Self – Associate Professor, Art & Archaeology of the Ancient Mediterranea
Nada El Belkasmi Nada El Belkasmi  Octavia 
Sami Fekkak Sami Fekkak  Optio Roman Officer 

Using a mix of dramatisation and expert opinion, the four-part series follows the rise and fall of Queen Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Egypt. It delves into her relationships, celebrates her tactical prowess and shows her determination to protect her kingdom. It also examines her heritage, which has been widely disputed.

Queen Cleopatra rides out!

Queen Cleopatra rides out!  (Image credit: Netflix)

Adele James putting her crown on in Queen Cleopatra.

Adele James crown’s up in Queen Cleopatra. (Image credit: Netflix)

Queen Cleopatra cast — Adele James on playing Cleopatra

Adele James played Tina Mollet in the British medical series Casualty and has also starred in Nate & Jamie, Doctors, The Corona Connections and Acceptable Damage. On playing the iconic Queen Cleopatra she told us: “Cleopatra has been misunderstood and misrepresented over time,’ says British actor and former Casualty star. “She’s been over-sexualised and not credited enough for the intelligent, brilliant, political leader she was. There’s so much more to Cleopatra than meets the eye, than what we think we know from Hollywood versions of her.

“I’m so pumped to play Cleopatra! It’s the role of a lifetime and top of my bucket list as she’s one of the most iconic human beings that ever lived. It’s also the first time I’ve led a series on my own and the first time I get to hear the famous Netflix ‘Ta-DUM’ when my work comes on TV!

“I’m no Egyptologist, so just surface-level stuff that I learnt at school or from Hollywood versions of her played by actresses over the years such as Elizabeth Taylor, Vivien Leigh and Sophia Loren. Thankfully, this is a docudrama, so the script had so much detail. The drama mixes in real-life ‘talking head’ experts to give a very thorough picture of Cleopatra.

“The most exciting thing for me is being able to humanise the icon. We show the human being behind what it was to be a woman in power in Ancient Egypt; a Queen, a Pharaoh, a mother. We show the rise and fall of Cleopatra, picking up her story when her father dies and she becomes co-ruler, then ruler of her country – and remember, she was only 18! We also spotlight her intellect – she spoke nine languages – and her relationships with Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, her children and the political decisions she made with her advisors. She was just brilliant.

‘Transforming into Cleopatra took hours! I think the first costume fitting was at least seven hours long. She has quite a few looks – as a warrior, mother, queen, scholar – and there are some epic scenes where Cleo’s all glammed up. I also had combat training and had to learn how to ride a horse.”

On getting this big Netflix role Adele reveals: “I started auditioning a few months after coming off-air in Casualty. I sent an audition tape of myself – heard nothing – then had two recalls and a call last spring saying I’d got the role and needed to fly to Morocco to start filming in two days! I was in A&E at the time, trying to get emergency medication as I thought I had tonsillitis – it was crazy!”

It was quite a gear change, from filming Casualty in Cardiff to a Netflix blockbuster in the desert as Adele explains: ” It was difficult to process! But I had to be present and focus as I knew it’d be over in the blink of an eye. We filmed in Ouarzazate, which they call the Hollywood of North Africa, and it was manic, as being in most scenes meant so much rested on my shoulders. In some ways, though, having to think on my feet was somewhat similar to what Cleopatra went through as the ruler of a nation. I was trying to lead a production as she was trying to lead a nation – and possibly conquer the world! It gave me a small appreciation of what her life may have been like.”

The series has experienced some criticism for portraying Cleopatra as having African heritage but Adele addresses this casting controversy: “I anticipated some people may be a little ruffled by it. The conversation about her identity, with regard to her race, is a big question mark, and many have made assumptions about who she is, without knowing the full picture. This series shines a light on bits of history that have been conveniently left out. Given that there’s academic research and historical evidence that supports why they cast me – a bi-racial actress – in the role, I’m surprised the response was so strong. And I’m extremely disappointed that anyone thinks it’s OK to racially abuse anyone for any reason, let alone for an acting role.”

Adele James takes the lead role of QueenCleopatra.

Adele James takes the lead role of Queen Cleopatra. (Image credit: Netflix)

Adele James as Christina in Casualty.

Adele James as Christina ‘Tina’ Mollet in Casualty. (Image credit: BBC)

John Partridge as Julius Caesar

John Partridge stars as the infamous Roman leader Julius Caesar. He is best known for his role as Christian in the British soap EastEnders. He’s also appeared in Game On and Cats and taken part in Celebrity Juice, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, I’m a Celebrity… and Celebrity Mastermind.

“Both John Partidge and Michael Greco (see below) were fun, which was important as the material is so heavy – she had a very dramatic life! I had to do a whole day of birthing scenes one day, so to have people like John and Michael to make you laugh and lift your spirits was great.”

John Partridge as Christian in EastEnders.

John Partridge as Christian in EastEnders. (Image credit: BBC)

Craig Russell as Marc Antony

Craig Russell is Cleopatra’s lover Marc Antony. He’s starred in The Last Kingdom, Riches, Pitching In and Doctors. He played DI Mark Gascoyne in Hollyoaks and has also been in Dream Team and The Hatton Garden Job.

Craig Russell as Marc Antony with Queen Cleopatra.

Craig Russell as Roman general Marc Antony with Queen Cleopatra. (Image credit: Netflix)

Michael Greco as Pothinus

Michael Greco plays Queen Cleopatra’s brother Pothinus who eventually betrayed her. Michael of course is best known for playing Beppe di Marco in EastEnders and has also starred in Holby City, Casualty, The Killer Beside Me, Chasing Shadows and Doctors.

Michael Greco as Pothinus who is the brother of Queen Cleopatra.

Michael Greco as Pothinus who is the brother of Queen Cleopatra. (Image credit: Netflix)

Michael Greco as Beppe di Marco in EastEnders.

Michael Greco as Beppe di Marco in EastEnders. (Image credit: BBC)

Previous stars playing the iconic Egyptian ruler Queen Cleopatra

Queen Cleopatra has been depicted countless times on screen. Most famously, Elizabeth Taylor played her as a temptress in the big budget 1963 Web Series Cleopatra, alongside Richard Burton and Rex Harrison. Vivien Leigh played her in the 1945 film Caesar and Cleopatra and Sophia Loren took on the role in Due notti con Cleopatra in 1954. Gal Gadot is also playing her in a Web Series, although there’s no release date yet. The famous Queen has also been featured in everything from Scooby-Doo to Asterix cartoons.

Elizabeth Taylor in 1963 movie Cleopatra.

Elizabeth Taylor in 1963 Web Series Cleopatra.

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